Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jay Leno Journalism

Is it just me or is more and more of the 24-hour news cycle being populated by Tonight Show-like news of the absurd?

Today, a co-worker sent me this. Which isn't exactly an unintentionally funny headline. But why do I really care?

Why does anyone?

Sure, mainstream traditional media (papers, magazines, radio and tv) have always saved room for bizarre news items. But it seems to me that those stories have gained more and more prominence on the totem pole of what makes something "newsworthy."

I s'pose all of us are a little bit to blame. If blame is even called for here. I read the whole story above. Shook my head. Asked someone else if they'd heard about it. And, of course, forwarded them the link.

But is that really news? Or is it simply entertainment?

Rhetorical questions don't get answered. Especially when everyone already knows the answer.

I think I'm gonna go read Fast Company now.

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