Friday, August 31, 2007

Tre Made Me Do It

The dopest writer I know tagged me on her myspace blog and now I'm supposed to write 10 weird, random, little known facts about myself or habits I'm prone to.

So, here goes:

1) I don't eat green peppers. Ever.

2) I regularly listen to Washington Journal on C-SPAN Radio.

3) When I eat cereal, I pour almond milk in it.

4) I have not seen Rage Against the Machine in concert. Yet.

5) My body fat is currently 13%.

6) Somewhere in Oklahoma at a rest stop on Rt. 44, there is a Hieroglyphic logo drawn on the underside of a table. I know who did it.

7) I am uncomfortable when people claim to be good judges of character and declare that I am a stand-up dude.

8) The license plate on my car reads "SQNDRD."

9) I woke up on the morning of my 29th birthday on an Indian Reservation in Montana.

10) I don't like to obligate people to do anything.

With that last one in mind, I have to pass on the second part of this job. Which is to tag 10 people to draft a similar list on their blogs. Sorry, Tre. But if I'm really Jesus, then I'm allowed to play by my own rules, right?


mindful said...

yes, you are... you can do what you feel... i'm mad your body fat is lower than mine... *shakes head* mine's sitting at 24 and I am not pleased, but... I'll take that... thanks for participating dude. really. it was a fun little exercise so I'm glad that most people did go thru with it.

the_capital_t said...

I'd love to get the body fat to single digits. But methinks that'd take another 6-9 months of much more serious dedication to diet and training.