Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Does the Truth Have Cancer?

Yes, Cornell West does say "prostate" when he means "prostrate" somewhere around the 1:30 mark.

More important, though, is the discussion about the Jena 6 that starts about 2:30.

From what I understand, every decent human being with a pulse is obligated to blog about the Jena 6. While I've never been accused of being decent, I seem to have a pulse.

And I, most assuredly, think the situation in Jena is collossally effed up.

I first heard about it via Newsweek a few weeks back.

And then my guy Big Chris sent me this petition.

Days before the Sept. 20 rally that Mos speaks of in the clip above ^^^, it looks like common sense and fairness are slowly getting the upper hand.

Clearly, the story is far from over.

I, for one, certainly hope there will only be one America left standing when denouement day comes.


tremaine said...

i blogged about this back in March and then again about 3 weeks ago. the situation is sad and truly hurts me and makes me believe we've come this far only to end up exactly where we started...

the_capital_t said...

In general, I fear that you're right.

In this case, though, I think common sense is going to win out and the punishments will be doled out equally.

Fingers crossed for that.