Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Snakes on a Wedding (With Strong Bad, Too)

Last weekend, I traveled to Columbus for three planned nights of drinking with a bunch of assholes I know from Ohio (plus one unplanned night shooting Jack Daniels with a ridiculously hot blonde from some other state) to help one lucky bastard celebrate the exchanging of vows with his new bride.

During the weekend, I can't tell you how many times we watched these two videos--or how we tripled over with laughter singing their songs and doing their dances.

Obviously, neither video is new. I think most of us had seen one or the other prior to the weekend. Though, I don't believe any of us grasped just how hilarious they could be. In tandem. When shared with fellow travelers. Friends and family. Drunk or sober.

I surely wouldn't expect anyone reading this entry to appreciate them to the degree all of us did. In the way that we did.

But that doesn't really matter, now, does it?

You can't explain a good time. Nor can you recreate it. It happens when it happens. Only a fool would deny it. Only a truly lost soul would apologize for it.

*Raises glass of water*

To good effin' times.

P.S. Congratulations B and Whit.

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