Thursday, January 17, 2008

Americans Suck

Specifically the Americans who write the copy for the promos on Yahoo's home page:

Really? That's like saying Michael Jordan is a famous gambler. It's Zidane, man. He's, like, one of the top 5 football players EVER. Like, seriously "ever," too. Not just the fake "ever" we all use as a verbal underscore.

To Yahoo's credit, the story that teaser directs to is fairly substantive.

Personally, I think it'd be pretty sweet to have the Frenchman come over. He's way past his prime, but he'd be a logical bookend to the story of Europeans invading the MLS. (If you count Becks as a European, that is.)

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msmind said...

guess i'll be watching men's soccer now... eh... Beckham is enough, but Zane too? yeah, i'll be watching.