Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I hope...

...that the people wearing purple in this picture got their asses kicked immediately after the camera went click:

Especially the chick.

Just like this:


donnie said...

Naw dawg, that's part of the game.

You show up sporting colors, prepare to deal with the loss as if you were on the team. Otherwise, leave the jersey at home. That's my belief anyway...ha ha.

Man, on top of that. I went to a Bulls Wizards game at the MCI Center two years ago. Nocioni went off that game. Man, I let them Wizards fans KNOW what was up THAT night! Ha ha!

(ah the good ol' days when our team was solid.)

the_capital_t said...

True. It is part of the game. Right alongside the part where you run the risk of having to fight your way out of the stadium if you gloat a little bit too boisterously. To me, the people in that pic are actin' hella boisterous.

Now, I don't generally advocate violence. Sometimes, though, you just need to punch something. Like that clip of Sarah Silverman. Always thought that shit was hella funny, btw. Like, how you gonna talk shit and let someone else fight your battle? That's just chicken shit.

Back to the photo...what exactly is LSU the champion of? This season was a joke. No one really won anything. I know contractual obligations will stall a play-off for a few more years, but if anyone is still arguing against it, they should be forced to live in an underground bunker for three years with Kathy Griffin and Richard Simmons.

As for those Bulls of yours...yeah, man...we all share your lament. 'Cause we sure get stuck watching them enough on the national telecasts. If I were Paxon, I'd keep your man Nocioni, Jo Noah, Joe Smith and Ben Gordon. Everyone else is tradable.

Oh...and I'd try to steal Scott Brooks from the Kings to be my new head coach.

But that's just me.