Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Mary J is Not the New Aretha

Time is rarely kind.

Especially the kind of time that musicians keep. Not even the clean-living among them elude the wear and tear of touring or the damage done by ridiculous and fundamentally irregular recording schedules.

Take Aretha for example:

God Bless her life 42 times over for Rocksteady alone. But please remember her as she was when the cover art for Young, Gifted and Black was still drying. Not, so much, as she is.

Then there's Mary J:

Photoshop helps. So does a trainer and a nutritionist. Maybe even a visit to the doctor's office. But there's only so much that can be done to combat time.

At least, I thought there was.

Maybe that's really why people want to be rich.

Wonder if that kind of rich has any room for jerked chicken and baked macaroni and cheese? Probly not. And that's probly why Aretha is just fine as she is.

Guess Mary J will have to settle for being a different kind of jerked.

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