Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sam Cooke Would Be Proud

Of this:

And this:

Okay, so "proud" is probably a bit hyperbolic. But, in spirit, what's the difference between those two and this:

I say, "Not much." All of 'em are just singing about dancing and having a good time. And, really, when it's Saturday and you're at the club what else do you want people to sing about? I think too many folks take music (and entertainment) too seriously. Some of that shit is supposed to be fun and that's it. Long as no one is explicitly speaking about committing an act of evil, what's the harm in the subtly nefarious?

Now, if we're talking about sheer musicianship, there are very few singers in the history of life--the first two included--who can stand with Sam Cooke. But we're not talking about craft here. Just purpose. And, far as I'm concerned, ain't much difference between what the King of Soul is is talking about and what is said in 2 of the 10 songs you're most likely to hear at any club in the world last month.

Post-Script: If you haven't read this, add it to your list. Trust me.

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