Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I've Been Cheating on You

I like the word "consumed." Primarily because I am easily consumed by things and it feels much better to type those seven letters than it does to confess to a run-of-the-mill-case-of-OCD. Besides, the act of being consumed--in the best of cases--can be considered a byproduct of passion. And passion is always good. Except for when it's used as an adjective to describe a crime or a fruit juice.


A couple of weeks back, I was consumed by the Pau Gasol trade. Then the Shaq trade. Now, the Kidd deal. In short, it's been all-NBA, all-the-time for me. Smack in the middle of the heaviest part of the NCAA hoop season.

Before that (and, of course, in addition to it), I was consumed by the "capital P" Primaries. Moreover, I hopped onto the Obama train. And that thing moves. Fast. Real fast. (Ask Hillary.)

Part of why I boarded the bus that is darker than blue concerned Barack's web site. Some folks say it gives the good Senator from Illinois a very Mac-y sheen. For me, it demonstrated considerable imagination. Rather, the stories comparing it to Hillary's online presence implied to me that Barack is gifted with as much imagination as he is possessed with the profound ability to inspire. Frankly, that's a good thing in my book. Both of 'em.

So, there I am. Riding in passenger car #32. On the Barack Express.

Keeping a whole other blog.


Yes, I've been cheating on you. With Barack Obama. And maybe Showtime, too.

But I can totally explain it...

I swear...

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tre said...

this is amazing, i just finished blogging about him...

look at you, man, you've really hopped on and you're blogging about it too? *smiles*

as long as you're cheating on us w/ the NBA and Obama, I'll allow it. *winks*