Wednesday, February 27, 2008

They Call Me Bruce

In addition to being 3 kinds of crazy, I am also very bright. (And handsome, too. My mee-maw says so.)

The bright part (and the crazy, but not the handsome) helps explain why I am a Laker fan.

Although, I should tell you (after listening to the local feeds of the last 3 Laker games courtesy of's free online radiocasts) I am not nearly as bright as Southern California's preeminent marijuana defense attorney.

Some people call that guy Bruce.

I just call him "the guy who cleverly bought ad time on AM 1060 during a bunch of Laker games so people like me would blog about him."

(P.S. Legalize it.)

1 comment:

tre said...

you've also got great taste in music and clothes *smiles*