Friday, March 21, 2008


I'm not supposed to be here.

Probably not at this milestone post. And certainly not in this place. Either in life. Or in this corner of the internet.

But here I am. My 100th post.

(And here I am...well, I'll spare you the as yet untold gory details of my own misspent journey. Today.)

I will confess to launching this thing as an attempt to land a book deal. I figured that a cleverly compiled record of my own travels through re-adolesence would be enough of a hook to grab some publisher's attention and get me paid.

It hasn't quite worked out that way.

This thing has become a cool little hoop in the backyard where I can shoot around whenever I feel the urge. It's also surrounded by a large grandstand perpetually filled with millions of people.

(By "millions," I mean "four." Like what 2 X 2 equals.)

I am not one for ceremony. But I do believe we should pause a moment to celebrate what might be called my:

TENTH TENTHENNIAL EXTRAVAGANZA!!! is my 32nd. If you need to get at me, I'll be at the bar. Watching the Tournament. And the Lakers. Setting a new record on the pop-a-shot machine. You can send a pretty senorita after me if you like. (Preferrably one who looks makey-outy.) 'Cause I'll probably need a ride home.


mindful said...

the hell you have me watching over here? lol...

happy belated man... you're getting old, tim... you're getting old...

don't cancel that publishing deal out just yet. someone's watching you. happy 100th post.

bda said...

happy birthday man. nice work you've done here with the hoop in the backyard.

the_capital_t said...

thanks, tre. you ain't up on strong bad? that dude is hella funny. you really think someone is reading this who doesn't know me? would be cool. s'pose i'll cross my fingers but i won't hold my breath.

thanks, b. thanks for the compliment. btw...i made it home from the bar. but somehow left the pretty senorita behind. ( they have senoritas in korea?)

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