Friday, March 07, 2008

Open Letter #002

Dear Kevin Love,

You are the best position defender at any level of college basketball. You might be one of the top five position defenders alive. Actually, you are.

Why then, after your Bruins finally tied last night's game against Stanford with less than a minute to go in regulation, would you flop when a Cardinal wing player (Lawrence Hill, I think) drove into the lane threatening to score a go-ahead basket?

No referee at any level--not even the guy who erroneously blew the whistle mere seconds later on Hill--will give you a charge call in those circumstances. As Mark Jackson would say, "You're better than that." And, truly, you are.

Next time, please hold your ground. As you so often do to the greatest consternation of your college opponents. After all, flopping is unpatriotic. And you don't want to be a bad American do you?



P.S. We cannot find any video of the play in question. If we had, we would certainly have linked to it.

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