Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What Would Dr. King Think?

I love those kinds of questions. For their rhetorical ridiculousness.

No matter how tempting it is to cut and paste the wisdom of those who are no longer with us to understand and negotiate contemporary scenarios, it is hardly in the best interest of anyone.

Wisdom, you see, is a slimy baton.

It exists in and of itself and has value as it is. But the most important thing you can know about wisdom is that it is transferrable. And that it must be that. It is something that can be built on. And something that should be carried. Advanced, even. Wisdom, after all, is as much an act as it is an object.

This makes total sense when you understand that life ain't a sprint or a marathon. It's a relay. And we all have legs to run.

Dr. King knew that. Probably 'cause he had seen the mountaintop. And that was enough for him.

As that speech reveals, Dr. King recognized that the tape stretched across the finish line was probably not waiting for him to break through it. Just as the feet that bolted from the starter's block were not his own.

He carried the baton. Added his own sweet slime to it. And handed it to the next runner.

Just like you should.

(Me...I'm not a runner. I hoop. We're much more about emasculation than emancipation. Some of us might even be just plain ignorant.)

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