Sunday, March 15, 2009


I've participated in one, maybe two, exchanges about whatever it is that transpired between Chris Brown and Rihanna. I didn't raise the topic, but it has interrupted my life just a little bit.

I sincerely don't give a crap about either one of them. I don't root for bad things to happen to either of them. I just don't care what either does with any part of their life.

Like every other person who has swerved in and out of the ubiquitous conversation that lives at Twitter and elsewhere online, I've heard the gist of what happened. And what has happened since.

I've also heard a lot of people comment on it. Online. Offline. Everywhere. Many have responded with some form of breathless, outraged hyperbole.

I get that celebrities matter more than regular people. I also get that the perpetual information cycle intensifies both the volume and focus of the things that qualify as "news" today.

Sometimes, though, I think people really ought to be left alone. No matter who they are. Will Smith agrees with this. About whatever it is that went down, and all that has followed it, he says:

"This is a time where they need to be left alone and if they have things they need to work out, work it out. People should take a minute before they jump on it and judge. We don’t know nothing. If there are mistakes people make, then they should be willing to live up to the mistakes and do whatever penance they need to do. I don’t think it’s up to us, specifically the media, with such a fast hand to try to chop someone’s head off.”

Yeah....what he said.

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