Friday, March 20, 2009

The Streak Is Over

It's been over actually. But I hadn't made the time to acknowledge it.

To begin March, I decided that I wanted to test my creative capacity. Like, I wanted to post something new to this blog every single day of the month. Just to see if I could do it. 'Cause if I could push out something new every day in March--when I celebrate both my birthday and the time-honoured tradition of the NCAA Tournament--then I could say that I was in amazing shape. Creatively.

Then work happened. So did life. As they both tend to do. And now...the streak is over. The streak is over. Hey! Hey! The streak is over. The streak is over. Biddle bah bah. Like what he says:

Maybe there'll be a new streak. There was, if you ask Nas or Q-Tip or 50 or LL or Mobb Deep, a new Queens. So...Hey, yo, streak, get the money, long time no cash?

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