Monday, February 18, 2008

There's Been a Gil Sighting

Two, actually:

Technically, that's the same event. But you can forgive some creative license where Gil Scott-Heron is concerned, right?

'Specially when the news involves Gil still being alive--and still able to perform.

I have to admit, I was a lil bit surprised. Also a lil bit sad. Though, I s'pose, Gil is exactly where he ought to be in life. A soft echo of a rebel yell released long ago by lungs who sought to collapse themselves.


tre said...

you know, i've never seen him live. have you?

he strikes me as a real laid-back dude, always focused, always listening.

the_capital_t said...

I am sorry to say that I have not, Tre. (I ain't even seen YOU live, lol.)

Frankly, I think Gil is probably a ghost. Which is not such a bad thing.

He has spent a lot of time destroying himself and, for better or worse, he has not yet succeeded. I do wonder what he makes of that. If he really is desperate to get to the next world. Or if he regrets his efforts in this one. Perhaps a bit of both.