Saturday, March 01, 2008


There is a very slim chance that my grandparents will ever discover this blog. Despite those low odds, I tend to be EXTREMELY selective about how and when I use different curse words in my writing.

( grandparents aren't the prudiest of people, but I do respect them for their sheer elderness and I try--emphasis on try--not to unleash my full asshole-ishness in public in deference to them. I might not care about the perception of me, but perhaps they do.)

If you've read this blog, then you know that I swear fairly casually, but not as gratuitously as my man Cap does. Which, of course, brings me to the title of this post:


For real. Fuck him. 1,000 times. Asshole. Bastard. Motherfucker. Spawn of Satan. Bitch.


He created a career for himself by getting into bed with the FOP in Philly and he endorsed (and perhaps instigated) the bombing of the MOVE headquarters as well as the lynching of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

(FTR...I think Mumia probably is responsible, in part, for Daniel Faulkner's death. But I also believe that Officer Faulkner--and the unjust mandate authored by then District Attorney Ed Rendell and the Philadelphia police department circa 1980--are equally responsible for creating a climate where reasonable citizens were made to both fear and take an aggressively self-defensive stance against the Phildelphia PD. That may sound like the placement of blame on the victim. I assure you it is not that. As people like Prof. Marcus Rediker will tell you, there is no full and simple truth about Philly in the early '80s. It was a messy place. At the messiest of times.)

Which gets us back to the business of motherfucking Ed Rendell. The sitting Democratic Governor of Pennsylvania.

I should tell you that I truly do not care what type of apparent budgetary miracles he performed as the very first "America's Mayor." I was, after all, one of the innocent kids who got caught in the melee in LA during the 2000 DNC National Convention when "hizzoner" chaired what a few thousand of us who merely wanted to see a free Rage and Ozo show will testify qualified as "1968 Remixed."

So, why this post? And why today?

The Governor of Pennsylvania had the nerve to tell Bill Maher that Hilliary Clinton is more "qualified" to be the President of these United States than Barack Obama.

And he didn't simply compare and contrast their resumes. That sick son-of-a-bitch had the gall to declare that voters aren't "electing a rock star." As if Obama is nothing more than the crackling sizzle of a vacuous steak containing absolutely no nutrients.

Ed Rendell's entire career in politics has been devoted to serving the greater good insofar as the greater good advances the career of Ed Rendell. Make no mistake, that motherfucker is not--by any stretch--a public servant.

Doesn't matter whether he's the DA, the Mayor, the Governor or, gasp, Hillary Clinton's running mate.

He is a real motherfucker.

And none of you, I mean none of you, should seriously consider anything he says to be anything other than the gospel of his own patently self-serving professional agenda.





Anonymous said...

Amen. Fast Eddie has been a scumbag since his D.A. days and has found ways to lie and cheat, while at the same time appointing his personal friends to political positions with no experience at higher salaries, only to dismiss those that held that position at lower salaries with experience?

Rendell has one common thread in his political career & that is whenever he is re-elected, his second term has historically been all about what can Fast Eddie get and how can he help his friends.

The neglect to the job he was elected to in his second terms have been plagued with scandal.

This is the man that thought John Street, ex-Mayer of Philadelphia would be the best mayor ever for the city of Philly. He turned out to be the worst. Nice job Ed...So just in noting this, why should I trust anything from this dirt bag hack politician’s mouth? You know he is only bucking for a position under Hillary since he's in his last years of Gov. in PA.

Rendell doesn't open his mouth like he did for Hillary, unless he is trying to move up the ladder and gain a new political spotlight with better pay and benefits.

He is one big ass obese louse! I am surprised he has not been nominated for the poster child of Heart Disease.

Bottom line is "Don't ever trust in Rendell"!!!!!!!!!!

On top of this, why is Nutter and Schwartz jumping on the Hillary wagon? I have no clue…in fact I know that Schwartz has not answered emails that pertain to local problems within her district that have been sent, but she has plenty of time for a manicure once a week it would seem…She goes to a local salon my wife visits.

Nutter has been Mayor for a total of 2 months now and he tossed his backing of Hillary from day one of his being Mayor of Philly?

It’s nice to see the 3 stooges of Philly are at least all on the same page with Hillary.

the_capital_t said...

Right on, man.

I truly hope the people of PA are not foolish enough to swallow the shit Rendell is shovelling.

On one hand, though, he is a politician's politician.

Which is another way of saying that he is the lovechild produced by the menage a mal of Satan, Hitler and Saddam Hussein.