Sunday, March 08, 2009

Championship Week Thoughts

The Tournament is still several days away. Hell, we won't get final brackets for another week. But I've got college hoop on my mind:

Shame that Davidson lost in the So Con semis. They should get an At-Large. Even though they're not as a good this year as they were last year. If they don't, it's the clearest sign we'll get that the Tournament isn't as democratic as we're told to believe it is.

I love when Austin Peay makes the Tournament. Let's go Peay!

Washington is the team Notre Dame was supposed to be.

No one in the Big 10 conference can score. Except maybe for Purdue.

There are three solid CAA teams. Two of 'em made it to tomorrow's championship game. As much as I hope there's more than just an automatic qualifier, I feel like that's all the conference will get.

What are we supposed to do with Syracuse? Do we really believe in Johnny Guts?

Vermont would have been a great 15 seed. They may still be.

Butler really needs the kid who got hurt on Sat to be ready to play on the 19th.

North Carolina has just enough jerks on the team to actually win six games. Their most valuable player: Ty Lawson. It's not even close.

I haven't made up my mind about LSU yet. Or Wake Forest. But I think I have a feel for Missouri. And it ain't a good one.

Patty Mills should have just enough time to work himself back into St. Mary's offensive and defensive flow. That should make them a popular sleeper pick when they get a 10 seed.

Right now, it really looks like Terrence Williams is trying to get his D Wade on.

I want Texas to be better than they are. But it's not gonna happen. Which sucks for Abrams. He's had a great college career.

I can't tell you how happy I am that Cornell won the Ivy League (Big up to Brian Kreefer!) I hope they draw a team this year that doesn't have twin seven-footers bound for the NBA.

Gonzaga is the team Arizona was supposed to be.

So...Tyreke Evans...He's been playing well. But this Memphis team looks like it should be playing in the Big 10. It lacks the offensive competency Coach Cal's teams are known for.

We will all miss Jodie Meeks when Kentucky gets shipped to the NIT.

A new generation of coaches will make names for themselves this spring. Guys who've quietly been good coaches who just haven't added a major accomplishment to their resume yet.

If you give a crap at all about college basketball, then you should be rooting for a championship game featuring Oklahoma and Pitt. It's the best match-up on paper. You'd get two of the best big men in the country banging for 40 minutes. You'd also get two of the most under appreciated 3s checking each other. Oh...and two great college PGs calling the shots, too. Capel and Dixon are two of the best young coaches in the game. Both squads are very balanced with Pitt having more depth. Which means Pitt is the pick to win that one. If the hoop gods can arrange that final for us, I'd be a very happy camper. It is also the only birthday present I am asking for this year. So...hoop gods...make it happen. Thanks.

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