Monday, October 05, 2009

Ramble On

Almost three years to the day, I'm leaving the house I moved into when I started this silly little experiment. I'm not sure if it means I'm done with this experiment. I have been, largely, a vacant landlord. And this experiment has not at all been what it is supposed to be.

Initially, I thought it'd be a way to track my own re-adolescence. It kinda was. But mostly, it evolved into that rickety hoop in the backyard. The one I mess around on to keep the skills from fading completely. Since I have been so vacant, I suppose the skills have faded. The hoop has certainly rusted. And, perhaps, it is time to take it down.

Today, I am 33 years old. I still haven't completely finished that damn'd movie. Although, there are only two pieces of paper standing between me and its vanglorious release. I am still broke. Although not nearly as broke as I was three years ago. I all likelihood...single again. Although, there's still a chance that a Liberian Girl will keep me around for a few more weeks. (I should have shared more on THAT story. And I will. Maybe.) I am also still...very much...unsettled.

There is something I should be doing in life. But I'm not certain what that thing is yet. Or, perhaps, what those thing(s) are. I used to believe I could write my way out of any problem. Maybe I still can. And maybe I'm not facing a problem so much as it's just another milemarker on the road to...wherever.

If I were a more eloquent mu'fucka...I'd have more to say. Much more. But I'm not.

So here we are. And here I am. Back to wandering. Back to the pen.


As it were. As it will be.

What'd Jack Sparrow say? Drink up, me hearties.


.Bittersweet. said...

Sometimes what you've already said turns out to be enough. Thinking good thoughts for you. There's a glass of Centenario with your name on it, anytime you need it. =)


the_capital_t said...


trE said...

You'll get there. If motivation is driving you, the ride will not be long. We are what we are, if only for a while. Could it be time for a change?