Thursday, April 26, 2007

Like I Thought It Would

Actually, the word "not" should be included in that title.

When I launched this blog back in October, I thought I really needed the outlet. Or maybe it was that I wanted some sort of prompt--preferrably one with a sellable angle like documenting my own re-adolescence--to spur me back into writing.

Um, that didn't work.

But here we are. The end of April, 2007.

The re-adolescence is ongoing. And I suddenly find myself interested in writing again. Maybe it has something to do with the passing of David Halberstam.

But it probably has much more to do with Henry Abbott.

Ever since became the home for TrueHoop, his blog that singlehandedly dispenses big and little pleasures alike to NBA junkies the world over, I find myself justifiably sucked into the blogosphere.


Now, I s'pose I have to do something about that.

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