Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm a Player

For real. You ain't know?

Not in the Too Short sense of the word. Not even close.

I'm speaking a bit more literally. As in: one who participates in the game. And very specifically NOT: one who oversees or manages the process of playing the game.

In other words, I'm a player, not a coach. For now.
I've been made aware of this fact during the last few weeks at what we'll call "the real job." It's real 'cause it's the one that pays the bills. For now.

At this real job, I do a lot of writing. I do a little bit of photography, a little bit of power pointing and some other creative tasks. Together, those tasks require me to exploit my own talents, manage my own time and co-ordinate with a small number of collaborators. In short, I do the things that are a part of the process which someone else is in charge of.

That makes me a player. Not a coach.

In becoming aware of this fact, I've also learned that there are two types of professional people: players and coaches. (Surprise!)

The players are the folks who carry out the process. Some of 'em love the process. Some of 'em are incapable of doing anything else. And some of 'em simply settle into the process and make a career of carrying it out 'cause they can't think of anything else to do.

The coaches are the folks who manage the process. Some of 'em love the act of overseeing. Some of 'em know they aren't that good at carrying out the process so they milk the act of managing 'til it gives them a career. Some of 'em are patently ambitious and need to obtain more power, more money, more power, more money, etc.

I'm old enough to have recognized that I am fundamentally one or the other. But I feel like I've not worked enough to completely commit to a career as one or the other.

So I'll call myself a player. For now.

Down the road? Who knows?

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