Thursday, June 28, 2007

Omega Supreme (Word to Jimmy Buckley)

It's probably five days too early to start camping out for tickets to see the new Transformers movie. But I have to admit, I'm pretty excited.

Like most every other kid who came of age between 1985 and 1991, I was a Transformers head. So were all of my friends.

Brad. Bruce. Ralph. And Jimmy.

Jimmy was that kid. The one who had every Transformer. Certianly every Transformer he wanted. Optimus Prime. Megatron. Soundwave. Starscream. Even Bumblebee.

And he was the first kid I knew who had Omega Supreme. --->

(Jimmy was also the only kid I knew who managed to track down that special The Emperor action figure from Star Wars. Youknow, the one you had to send away for. But I digress.)

Omega Supreme was a Christmas present. I remember 'cause I think that was the same year I found Grimlock wrapped up under my tree and I thought it was the greatest present ever. Then I called Jimmy to honor that grand old American tradition of "What'd ya get?"

Clothes...Check. New basketball...Check. Transformers...

"Dude, you got Omega Supreme?"

I was three kinds of envious. And I couldn't wait to get over to his house to play with it. The day after Christmas, we all headed to Jimmy's to see Omega Supreme for ourselves.

It was a magnificent military base capable of supporting an entire army that doubled as the coolest robot any of us had ever seen. The most beautiful conglomeration of plastic any kid could dream up

Some months later, Metroplex came out. Later, Fortress Maximus. Then we all got interested in something else. I think it was Alyssa Milano.

Either her or Super Soakers.

Back then, we all thought we'd grow up to own cars that could turn into robots. At present, I still haven't found the Autobot logo on my Pontiac Grand Prix. (Did I accidentally buy a Decepticon?)

I haven't talked to any of of those guys in years. Last I heard, Brad was an accountant. I think Ralph was, too. Bruce became an eye doctor. And Jimmy was supposed to be getting ready to take over his Dad's store.

I s'pose they've all built nice lives for themselves. Whatever nice means.

But I'll bet that none of 'em live in a house that has biceps and can jump over a lake. Somehow, Omega Supreme still eludes us.

And that's word to Jimmy Buckley.

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