Wednesday, August 01, 2007

KG Is Gone

I feel bad for Minnesota sports fans. Slightly worse for desperate Laker fans like myself.

But you have to be happy for Kevin Garnett. He got what he wanted. Now he can go get that ring. Hopefully. And everyone who jumped on the Red Sox bandwagon back in '04 should now call themselves "fans" of the Celtics.

Why? 'Cause KG deserves to win. And he deserves that level of support and adoration.

If you weren't convinced by his body of work to date on the court and off it, then all you had to do was watch the first 90 seconds of the press conference to announce his arrival in Boston.

Green Celtic jerseys were handed to #34, #5 and #20. Both Pierce and Allen initially turned their jerseys so the name on the back faced the eager cadre of cameras. KG instinctively showed 'em the name on the front of the jersey.

And that, dear Celtic-fans-in-training, tells you everything you need to know about Kevin Garnett.

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mindful said...

eww, The Celtics?

oh well...