Saturday, November 01, 2008

Early Season NBA Thoughts

LeBron James will win an NBA championship before his current contract expires.

I trust Mike D'Antoni. Knicks fans should, too.

D Rose is already the best Chicago Bull.

For as much as people will focus on the importance of New Orleans signing Posey, Mike James and Julian Wright will be the role players who tilt the Hornets' fortunes.

As long as he stays healthy, which he should, D Wade will take Miami to the play-offs.

I love watching Kevin Durant play basketball, but I can't stomach the idea of watching the Oklahoma City whatevers. It just feels wrong.

If I was any player who was nearing the end my third contract and my team was more than 15 games under .500 in Feb, I'd ask for a buyout so I could go play with Kevin Garnett for the veteran minimum.

I'm lukewarm on the Sixers.

I still don't believe in the Rockets.

I do believe in OJ Mayo. And I can't wait 'til he escapes Memphis.

I also believe in the Hawks. Joe Johnson and Horfy are the truth. Acie Law IV is gonna be a ice-cold killer of a third wheel for them. Eventually.

The real Greg Oden won't arrive until sometime in 2010. He'll dominate when does show up, though.

I like the Clipper roster. In a best case scenario, they're this year's Sixers. In a worst case scenario...they're the Clippers.

If the world will simply let Dirk, Kidd and Josh Howard play basketball...I think they'll be pretty good at it.

Tim Duncan looks very fit, very rested, very aggressive and very focused to start the season. He'll probably win the MVP award after the Spurs clinch their division. Unless LeBron or D Wade averages a quintuple double.

Socialism has arrived in America and it wears a Laker uniform. Only two guys (Odom and Ariza) are playing for contracts and neither of them plays a game that requires them to get big numbers to prove their worth. The roster is two (three?) deep at every position. They can play any style they want to play and may invent four new styles this season just for the hell of it. The only thing standing between Showtime 3.0 and the employment of a no-star approach to spreading the stats around is...Kobe. Does Kobe still need the numbers at this point in his career or does he really only care about the ring? Could the effective Europeanization of his team be the intended destination of Phil Jackson's coaching career? I don't know, but it might be the most interesting subplot of this season. And, thankfully, there's reason to believe Mayor Villaraigosa may host a parade down Figueroa in June. Maybe. If Chick Hearn's ghost smiles on the Laker Nation and helps everything break right.


donnie said...

Here are my thoughts on Oden. Isn't he like 8 years too late? I mean I know he couldn't help when he was born (or could he?), but the years of the dominant post up big man are over, aren't they? The NBA center of today has to be fast, agile and hit a jumper from all over the court. From what I saw of Oden in Columbus, OH, he was a defensive beast, and I'm sure he's worth the wait. But by the time he blossoms, will the rest of the NBA just run around him?

Also, I need to set my DVR to tape more Mayo games. I'm already convinced Rose is the future (although it seems Gordon is out to prove something. What? I don't know). But I need to see more Mayo. This draft class is going to go down as one of the best in my opinion.

the_capital_t said...

Oden...he's not too late. There will always be a place in the game for a great big man.

Truth be told, when you're talking about greatness on a basketball doesn't matter what the size of this great is. Great always forces opponents to react. And if you have great on your side, then you have an advantage. No matter what current trends are.

Agreed about this draft class. Love D Rose's game.

One other NBA-related eager do you suppose LeBron is to get some run with Steph Curry? That'd be like Scottie and MJ in reverse on the offensive end.