Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First Writing Since

If you don't know who Suheir Hammad is, shame on you. If you've never heard the poem below, give up the next 7 minutes of your life to change that.

Now that we've got that out the way, this entry has nothing to with Ms. Hammad. (Except for the homage being paid by its title.) Or Sept. 11. It might have to do with anti-Islamism. But only in a very tangential way.

Two weeks have passed since the United States of America elected Barack Obama as its President.

And it still feels weird to type that. Or say it. Or know it to be true.

The pinch-me-ness of the good guys finally winning something big has yet to dissipate.

The piece-by-piece assembling of President-Elect Obama's cabinet tends to bring it into focus and make it feel more real.

I liked the Rahm Emanuel choice. But am feeling underwhelmed by everyone who has come after. Or everyone who has been rumored after.

While I don't doubt that Barack remains the smartest guy in the room, I am beginning to wonder how many concessions he had to make in order to collect the full support of the established Left.

I believe that change happened.

And I hope change will continue to come.


bda said...

I like Obama's picks at DOJ. Eric Holder for AG is a smart call. Knows the Dept, will restore credibility.

But it's the lower level picks that will make difference. So, excited to see, from Sac Bee,

"President-elect Barack Obama has named Cruz Reynoso, a former California Supreme Court justice, to one of his teams.

Reynoso, a UC Davis law professor and internationally recognized civil rights leader, has been appointed to Obama's Justice and Civil Rights Agency Review, according to a university news release."

Also, rumors of David Frederick to be appointed Solicitor General. Frederick argued the consumer side against big business in the Wyeth v Levine case earlier this month at Supreme Court.

But I agree that you gotta wonder how many gifts he needs to give to Clinton-era people.

the_capital_t said...

So...Obama is gonna handle business where judicial or judicially-related appointments are concerned?

That feels very reassuring.

As for those executive branch positions...I really hope he only has to give up 50% to the Deomacratic establishment. Anything more would feel like business as usual. Not Sam Cooke.

BTW, if you know anything about that book Daschle wrote on healthcare, please school me.

Thanks, man.