Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Double Fortune

Two weeks ago, I spent the weekend drinking my way through Columbus, Ohio.

Two days ago, I took a redeye flight back to IAD from OAK following a weekend at the SF Doc Fest.

Today, I opened a fortune cookie that contained two little slips of paper. The first one said:

"You are one of those people who 'goes places in life.'"

No shit, Sherlock. The other read:

"A good time to finish up old tasks."

That one, I'll take. 'Cause I've got this cinematic albatross that's been hanging around my neck for seven years. And counting.

In the good news department, though. It's almost all the way done. Really. Like to the point that it actually has a release date. [SPRING 2008.]

It just needs a lil' more work to get there. As in paperwork. And commentaries.

But, first, I gotta pack this bag for my next trip next week.

1 comment:

tremaine said...

you're a needed man in this day and age... traveling only seems right...

and, i'm awaiting the documentary too... like, on pins and needles type waiting :) i'm proud of you and your efforts man, totally.