Wednesday, October 31, 2007

One Thought After the Start of NBA Season

While the Lakers did run out of time in last night's season opening loss vs. Houston, they did not look horrible.

Clearly, the Lakers weren't at full strength. But they did have most of the pieces available from the team that got to 30-19 last season before injuries decimated the hopes and dreams of Forum Blue wearers everywhere.

There was actually something uncanny about the way Kobe and therestofthem seemed to coexist. On offense, #24 and #everyoneelse seemed to know what spaces to fill and when to get the hell out the way. The defensive rotations looked pretty crisp at times. And the team showed a fair amount of fight despite slipping into lapses of generally sloppy play.

The Lakers aren't gonna get near the Larry O'Brien trophy this year unless they're looking at a photo from one of their previous championship runs. But this team may not be awful after all.

Fingers crossed.

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tremaine said...

you KNOW how i feel about the Lakers, but I'm glad your sport is back in session :)